Samurai Program: Going First & Unflinchingly

Employee engagement in the US keeps hovering around a mere 30% according to Gallup, the current generation of college students scores 40% lower on empathy scores than the previous one, according to an Indiana University study, school shootings have become ‘normal,’ and a mainstream climate study says we have about 12 years to clean things up before it’s too late. How do we respond to the most pressing issues of our time in a way that is in integrity with who we truly are – the deeply wise, and compassionate potential that is latent in each and everyone of us?

In this program we’ll work on the most pressing issues of our lives by taking a step back from the outside world and a step towards our inner selves. How can I become wiser and more compassionate towards myself? What happens if I treat myself as if I really cared about myself? Who am I in essence? How do I give into fear-driven, conditioned (crocodilian) thinking? How can I be and respond more from my wise, compassionate owl? What happens when I see that the outside and the inner world are really one and the same? Contemplating these and other foundational questions in a community of fellow learners, we’ll take the next step in our endless journey of self-realization and prepare ourselves to become of deeper service – first and foremost through our energy, the inner atmosphere we bring to everyone and everything, and second through the practice of deliberate compassionate action.

During this month-long journey, we’ll learn to:

  • Treat ourselves, all crocodiles and owls included, with deep respect and care
  • Coach ourselves, applying three core Taming Your Crocodiles Leading Self methods
  • Coach and facilitate others, who are willing with these methods, applying LOVE – Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve
  • Live, lead and work more and more from our True Essence, our wise and compassionate selves, for which there are no words, ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’
  • Develop deep fascination, care and creativity for the most pressing issues in our lives and of our time

The program is organized as follows:

  • 3 x 90 minute live and interactive Leading Self Webinars
    • 1: Fueling the Fire of Fascination
    • 2: Yin Yang Balance
    • 3: Transforming the Root
  • Weekend Retreat of 2 days in Seattle area
  • Fieldwork for self-reflection and peer learning
  • Online Community Dialogue Board
  • Optional: Receive Coaching by a Crocodile School Coach
  • Upon completion, receive The Crocodile School Samurai Certificate & all pdfs for and recordings

Fall 2020

Total study hours (including weekend retreat):
36 (incl.~2 hours per week outside of retreat and webinar time)

Program Fee:
$1,500 (this does not include expenses for lodging and meals)

*Or equivalent, to be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Crocodile School Registrar ([email protected])

** For every participant who pays full tuition, The Crocodile School offers a scholarship seat to another participant who does not have access to the means to pay the tuition. To qualify for a scholarship, please write [email protected] a letter stating why you are interested in the program and what your current financial situation is.


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Samurai Program
by The Crocodile School

Date: February 2020

Retreat Location: Seattle

Program Fee: $1,500
       (this does not include expenses for lodging and meals)

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