Catalyst Program: Lighting a Fire

Once you have completed the Samurai program*, we invite you to join us to deepen your capacity to be a true Change Catalyst in your organization, community, team or other Field of Care, continuing the journey of self-discovery and service, immersing yourself in this three-month journey, that includes both deep self-discovery and active service.

At the outset of the program we will together identify one societal issue we wish to practice on and be of service to as a cohort (e.g., climate change, income inequality, mass incarceration, homelessness, stress amongst youth). And we’ll also identify one career or business challenge that is important to us individually. These will become our Practice and Service Cases.

Each participant will work on the Practice and Service Cases, first learning how to frame the issues with a constructive attitude, with a vision that is inspiring to the participants themselves and the people around them to engage. Next we’ll learn to offer, ask and receive support from others, learning coaching and communication skills and learning how to use every interaction as an opportunity to grow taller on the inside, bringing any crocodiles (fear, worry, blame, shame, etc.) under the aegis of our wise and compassionate owls, so that we can truly be of service from our brilliance individually, and together as human beings.

During the learning journey, participant teams will define and work on Passion Projects (e.g., volunteering at a school, homeless shelter, or prison) to make progress on the Practice and Service Cases that they have chosen. They will complete the Passion Projects in two months, with an option to continue after the Catalyst program has completed.

During this three-month journey, we’ll learn to:

  • Coach and facilitate 3 Leading Others and Leading Systems methods
  • Influence & inspire others through our vision, energy, communication and service
  • Engage constructively in the most pressing issues of our time with the people most affected by them now
  • Work together with other growth-minded leaders

The program is organized as follows:

  • 3 x 90’ live and interactive Leading Others and Leading Systems Webinars
    • 1: Coaching Others
    • 2: Influencing a System
    • 3: True Service
  • 2x 2-day Weekend Retreats in Seattle area
  • Fieldwork for self-reflection and peer learning
  • Online Community Dialogue Board
  • Optional: Receive Coaching by a Crocodile School Coach
  • Upon completion, receive The Crocodile School Catalyst Certificate & all pdfs and recordings
  • Total study & service hours over three months (including 2 weekend retreats): 80 (incl. ~2 hours per week outside of retreat and webinar time, and ~4 hours of service time per month)
  • Buy One Give One Free** Program Fee: $3,000 (Fee does not include expenses for lodging and meals)

Fall 2020

Total study hours (including weekend retreat):
80 (incl. ~2 hours per week outside of retreat and webinar time, and ~4 hours of service time per month)

Program Fee:
$3,000 (this does not include expenses for lodging and meals)

*Or equivalent, to be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Crocodile School Registrar ([email protected])

** For every participant who pays full tuition, The Crocodile School offers a scholarship seat to another participant who does not have access to the means to pay the tuition. To qualify for a scholarship, please write [email protected] a letter stating why you are interested in the program and what your current financial situation is.


Crocodile Intensive Program

Explore the foundations of Change Catalyst Facilitation, learning to inspire others to see every moment as an opportunity for presence, self-discovery, contribution and excellence.

Samurai Program

Change begins with you. Create the future you want to see in your field of care (organization, client, other community) learning practical coaching and facilitation tools to inspire change.

Master-Catalyst Program

Learn and apply master facilitation of conscious evolution of teams and organizations, with a focus on addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Catalyst Program
by The Crocodile School

Date: June - August 2020

Retreat Location: Seattle

Program Fee: $3,000
       (this does not include expenses for lodging and meals)

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